Piano Playing Proper Posture

Piano Playing Proper Posture

What is the piano playing proper posture? Here you will find out what you must do in order to properly sit on the pianist’s bench. Like we explained in an earlier post, here it will be more in depth explanations regarding the piano playing proper posture.

piano playing proper posture

Playing the piano is for most of the people from an exciting hobby to a wonderful career. Despite of this, everyone should know that most important than the proper play is to have the adequate posture when it comes to your hands and body.

Improperly posture leads only to bad results that can affect your health and also your performance. Also stress can occur while sitting long hours in a bad position.

First of all, be aware to don’t slouch. It is said that slouching is the most common mistake that beginner players do. Keep in mind that while you are playing, thousands of people are looking at you. Certainly this isn’t an attractive posture, is it?

Not to mention that this wrong posture will limit your mobility on the keyboard and it will seem that playing the piano is really a complicated thing, while it really could be not. So, keep you back straight.

piano playing proper posture for back

Another think you should pay attention to is to keep your feet flat at the ground. They will give you all the stability you need, so take care that they are not too close or too far from each other.

Your knees should be placed under the keyboard and for this is recommended to sit on the first half of the chair. The chair is important to be comfortable

Elbows should be placed a bit higher than the keyboard and they should be in a comfortable distance from the body.

The hand posture

Hand posture is also very important. It becomes even more important for those who practice for long hours, because the adequate hand posture can help to reduce fatigue.

Your wrists should be at the same level with the piano. When they are too low, you will get difficulty hitting the piano keys properly. If they are too high, you won’t have the best control that you need, and the bad thing that can happen is to accidentally hit the black keys.

As a real piano artist, try to keep the palm of your hand curved. Imagine that you are holding a tiny ball in the hand.

Also you need to know that each finger has a number. The thumb finger is finger 1, index finger is number 2, middle finger is number 3, ring finger is number 4, and the little finger is number 5.

In some cases, in free piano sheets the instructions will tell you which finger to use, in numbers from 1 to 5.

Keep in mind that a correct piano playing proper posture gives you so many benefits like allowing you to feel relaxed at the instrument and to enjoy your practice, gives you so much confidence and not at least it protects you back and arms from injuries.

piano playing proper posture of the hands

And don’t forget, practice is the most important in order to have the perfect piano playing proper posture. Practice until you don’t have to look down on the keyboard, because sometimes when there are more notes on the piano score, you have less time to look on the keyboard.

The piano sheet music gives you the opportunity to practice your skills and also to practice your correct posture, which you should have every time you play the piano. And also exercise your piano playing proper posture.

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