Piano Intervals

piano intervals

Piano intervals. Here you will learn about what are they and how to use them.

Playing piano is much easier if you take all the little theory steps and if you understand what everything means.

I am pretty sure that all of you heard about intervals and scales. I am also sure that the most of you questioned what they actually are.

Here is your answer: A scale is a set of notes. The “interval” is used to express the space between two notes.

Identifing Intervals
Identifing Intervals

Also you need to know that each interval has a number, from one to eight. Understanding the intervals is a must when it comes to piano lessons and you will see how easy it will be to read any of those free piano sheets music.

You will understand better by looking at your piano. Start at the C and go to the C major. You can notice that between C and C Major is D how is the second note in the scale, a second major. If you continue by that you will realize that the move from C to E is a major third, C to F is a major fourth, C to G a major fifth, C to A is a major sixth, as C to B is a major seventh and the last one- C to C is an eighth, which is called an octave.

Piano Inervals and Octaves
Piano Intervals and Octaves

Now you can play for instance a major fourth, C to F and listen carefully to get used to the sound of a major.

I am pretty sure you understood that. But I want to make it clear for good and I will tell you a little trick.

Choose two notes, let’s say C and E. And now count C-D-E, like 1-2-3, which makes E the third- as it is and as I told you below, a major third.

Piano Intervals
Piano Intervals

This was for the white keys, also named naturals. For the black keys, or also named accidentals, we have another rule. As we know the black keys are not included on the C Major scale, but when they are played as an interval of C they have the following names.

The key C sharp, which can be also D flat, the black key between C and D,  is in the middle of the second interval, which makes it a kind of partial second, and for that it is called minor second.

Same rule is applied for the rest of notes. The key D sharp, which is also named E flat is found between the second and the third, but not third. For that it is a minor third.

Mirror Intervals
Mirror Intervals

For the interval between C and G we talk about partial intervals. The interval between C and G is a fourth. The G sharp key is what we call an augmented fourth, being a real fourth, but it is also a little fifth and by that it is a diminished fifth.

Going forward we have A flat which is a minor sixth, while the key A is the major sixth.

Don’t forget that free piano sheets are available online, for you to practice. A good point to start practicing the piano is this piano lesson.

A video tutorial about the piano intervals

Here is a video tutorial which explains the piano intervals theory:

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