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Learn how to play the piano hot it’s meant to be played. Here at you will find tons of piano lessons raging from easy and beginners to advanced.

We have organized this website to help you learn the piano basics that will skyrocket you to be a true piano player. is a website that has a complete and thorough analysis of chords as applied to the piano keyboard. This collection of piano lessons and tutorials encompasses chord construction, usage, scales and rhythm patterns. It is hoped that this website will enable the pianist or organist to effectively use and apply the full diversity of chord possibilities in creating interesting, personal and colorful musical styles.


THE PIANIST’S LIFE is one of constant adventure. To his hand lie invitations extended to him by countless composers. Invitations to visit, perhaps, the mysterious and beautiful Spain of Isaac Albeniz and Manuel de Falla, or to enter the elegant Parisian salons with Chopin or to join him in the patriotic intense and passionate of a polonaise. Through music you can go with Liszt to Hungary, Italy or Switzerland, or maybe a somewhat more esoteric experience to journey with Beethoven among those dark realms of the mind and spirit to which his later sonatas give access.

The immense repertoire of piano music offers every pianist far more than he can hope to accept during the course of a lifetime.

In the following piano lessons, we shall consider how best we may avail ourselves of these fascinating possibilities and, translating the hieroglyphs of notation into sound by means of musicianship, creative imagination and technique, realized most completely for ourselves and for our listeners the delights of music.

So, dive into the piano lessons that we put together for you, and start your way to becoming a true pianist. We hope that the free piano lessons here will ease your way.


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